About Us

Welcome to this great blog; my name is john Edwards and I am an information and technology expert. I reside in the northern part of Miami. I have a family whom I live with and they include my beloved wife, my two lovely and cheerfully daughters: Emmy and Emma, two dogs which are special birthday gifts for my two lovely twins. I am holding an undergraduate degree in bachelors of information technology and communication from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. For the past five years, I have been working in an advertising agency in the information and technology department as a consultant, but now have moved on to my private practice and at the same time working as a consultant. I also do freelancing as a part time job.

Mostly, my blog basically talks about the happenings in the information and communication industry.  It usually explains in detail the new evolving technologies, the old technologies, their advantages and disadvantages and how one can find a balance between them.

In the blogs have tried to bring out the unique effects technology has impacted on our society, on the methods of communication and the general behavior in the society. With these, I am looking forward to explain to the society that the protagonists and the conservatives of technology.